Isis theatre pic.jpg

Originally built in 1912, Prohibition Theatre holds significance to Houston’s history.

This 5,000 sq ft theatre was once the historic Isis Theatre, billed as the first silent theatre in Houston. The Isis Theatre was Houston’s first truly deluxe motion-picture theatre bringing audiences from the nickelodeons into a larger, plusher world when it opened. Prohibition’s new theatre is a return to its origins. Paying tribute to this, Prohibition continues to use this space as its very own theatre & special events space.

This space is a juxaposition of old and new with a serpentine staircase, art deco carpet, semi-private mezzanine, and a grand stage. Many of the original artifacts and wall plasters dating back to 1912 have been retained, which provides for a unique space, perfect for hosting live performances, weddings, theatre events, as well as corporate events…Limitless celebrations in a multifunctional space.