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Magnolia City


Welcome to the Gold Key Speakeasy in the heart of Magnolia City, Club owners Whiskey Lou and JoJo have the hottest spot in town, the who’s who of Houston are there as drama ensues, what drama you ask? Well, somebody is scheming and the joint’s losing cash fast, JoJo’s two-timing ways are about to catch up to him, the guests are sharing plates and the bookies are are getting restless. Throw wannabe crooner Police Chief Wright, the fierce and ferocious performer Antoinette, a not-so- secret love triangle, and more than enough suspension and spirits into the mix and nothing good can come of this night! Needless to say, somebody has had enough and JoJo is about to get what’s coming to him. Who will it be?
Get ready for night of music, mayhem and mystery at MAGNOLIA CITY! You are a part of the story as it unfolds, and will pick up clues throughout the night. Will you be the first to discover who done it?

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