THURSDAY - NOV 1st - 8pm



21 & UP

tango Evolution


TANGO EVOLUTION gathers the finest tango artists of Houston for a time travel theatrical show that unfolds the drama of the emigrants of the European post-war towards America and the fusion of cultures from three continents, emerging into a new musical expression. From this genesis and the world success with the legendary Carlos Gardel; it shows the splendor of the Golden Age; and the modern and revolutionary aspects of Piazzolla.

Breathtakingly passionate and immersively sensual, Luna Tango dancers show remarkable finesse and rhythmic underpinning accompanied with the superb Houston Tango Orchestra. This artful and exhilarating ensemble of singers, dancers and musicians is suffused with glamorous elegance and intimate subtlety, performing mesmerizing pieces from soft and harmonious cadenza to strong instrumental movements.